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It's just about time to finally get your kid ready for a new motocross racing season. Start off in the right direction with brand new bike designed and built to your exact demands. DeNardis 2018 DMF MX50 and EVO competition race bikes from USA manufacturer DeNardis, these bikes come in many skill levels, sizes and performance packages so your kid will be one step ahead of the competition. Check out the 2018 model DMF MX50 or EVO's.


The MX50-1 & MX50-2 have the same basic liquid-cooled, two stroke motor design as the bigger motocross machines. Light weight, high horsepower and with a automatic single speed transmission gives the younger rider time to learn and develop new skills and techniques. DeNardis / DMF believes in giving its future superstars the same solid foundation that has carried the champions of today to the top. Add other key features like a high-tensile chrome molly steel frame, a beefy upsidedown 30mm front fork, and totally adjustable Prima Impact rear shock.


The MX50-4 is the perfect choice for a brand new first time riders. Mellow 4-stroke power with good low end torque and gentle power delivery. Riders will ease into a faster lap time over time as kids learn the basic riding skills. The MX50-4 uses many of the same features as MX1 & MX2 just toned down for beginner riders new to the sport of motocross.


As you can see these new DeNardis / DMF 50cc bikes are fully integrated competitive motocross racers with great race-winning potential and great family fun.




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