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DeNardis or also known as DMF is a USA company that produces first class quality motorcycles for off road competition racing. DeNardis / DMF, bikes are designed, tested, fabricated, and assembled in the United States. Bike sales, spare parts, or technical help are easy to receive because DMF bikes are sold and serviced by a carefully chosen dealer network in USA and motorcycle distributors in many countries around the world.






Although DeNardis Motorcycles are a relatively new brand name to the public, the designs, ideas, staff, and many industry suppliers have been around for many years. CEO Tim DeNardis has been exclusively involved in every aspect of 50cc racing, including spare parts distribution, production, design and developing parts, and bikes for over 25 years. Even though the company has a vast wealth of experience it has not stopped learning and listening to what customers and industry people want and need.


The 50cc motocross market is where DeNardis  / DMF will be releasing its first bikes in 2017. An all new 50cc five model bike line-up will include different models for a wide range of riders size, age, and ability to enter 50cc motocross races.

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50cc 4-6 age group.

50cc 7-8 age group.

85cc 9-16 age group.

MX50-1 MX50-2 EVO MINI EVO Youth MX50-4 MX85

All new year model 2018 bikes are available “as is” base model or order a bike custom built by choosing from a wide range of optional features for a more custom application. Customers have the choice of many color combinations and add on special parts to create a unique race bike for each riders taste, ability and budget.


Young riders of all skill levels and experience check out DeNardis Motocross Factory, motocross starts with us.


Want to check out some amazing customization options we have? Jump to our "Customizer" page.

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DeNardis Motocross Factory
Maxima Racing Oils

We highly recommend using Maxima brand oils, lubricants, and chemicals for use on DMF MX50 bikes and all bikes.

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